Most small businesses say Biden not doing enough to fix inflation, supply chain: poll

Appeared in Just the News.

About three-fourths of small business owners say that President Joe Biden is not doing enough to fight inflation or supply chain issues, according to a poll by the Job Creators Network Foundation.

The February survey released on Wednesday shows that 76% of small business owners think the Biden administration is not “doing enough to combat inflation.” This is number is up from January, when 68% of respondents said the White House was not doing enough.

Out of the 500 small business owners polled, 74% said the Biden administration is not “doing enough to help supply chain problems.” This is also up from January, when 67% thought Biden needed to do more.

Fifty-four percent of small businesses believe the U.S. economy is headed in a “worse” direction. This has more than doubled since July 2021, when 26% of respondents said the economy was headed down a bad path.

Businesses with fewer than 10 employees are more likely to say the direction of the economy is worse, at 61%, compared to only 17% of businesses with more than 20 employees.

The Job Creators Network won a lawsuit in federal court last month against President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on small businesses.

Small businesses are still concerned about COVID cases causing mandates that would impact them. In February, 69% said they were worried. However, this is down from December, when 82% said they were concerned.