EXCLUSIVE: Nearly DOUBLE the rate of small businesses trust Republicans to help them over Democrats: Another dire sign for Biden’s party as main street firms that struggled though pandemic overwhelmingly back the GOP

Appeared in the Daily Mail. 

  • The Job Creators Network Foundation’s final monthly survey before the midterm elections shows small business owners favoring Republican electoral victories
  • When asked which party would have a better effect on business, 55 percent of respondents chose Republicans while 29 percent said it would be Democrats 
  • 60 percent of minority-owned businesses and 50 percent of female-owned businesses polled said they’d do better under Republican governance
  • Recent polls indicate the GOP is experiencing a surge of voter enthusiasm in the final days of the 2022 midterm election cycle

Small business owners believe Republicans retaking Congress on November 8 will give Main Street a much-needed boost during a time of economic turmoil, a new poll obtained exclusively by suggests.

The Job Creator’s Network Foundation (JCNF) surveyed 500 small business owners across different economic and demographic divides between October 6 and 26 for its monthly poll, its last installation before the critical midterm elections.

Voters are heading to the polls next Tuesday for what’s expected to be a decisive victory for Republicans across both houses of Congress.

Among the tides that shifted in Republicans’ favor in recent weeks is accelerated concerns over the state of the economy, as Biden administration officials continue to claim the US is not in a recession despite growing expert consensus otherwise.

Mounting public opinion polls suggest a surge in enthusiasm for the right with more voters trusting Republicans’ promises to bring down inflation and slash government spending over what Democrats say lies ahead.

That sentiment extends to small businesses as well, the majority of whom think Republican elected officials will do more than Democrats to help small businesses.

According to the JCNF poll, 55 percent of respondents believe the GOP would help their businesses more than Democrats.

Nearly half that amount – 29 percent – said Democrats would give them a bigger boost

Asked whether Republicans ‘doing well’ on Election Day will help or hurt small businesses, 58 percent said it would help compared to 19 percent who said it would hurt their company.

Fifteen percent said it would have no impact whatsoever.

Among minority-owned businesses, 60 percent said Republicans winning would help them, as did 50 percent of women-owned businesses.

And like most polls that survey US voters, a plurality of small business owners said their top issue this months is rising costs and inflation.

It also shows they lay blame with Democrats, with 59 percent of respondents claiming Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is to blame for higher costs.

It’s common for the president’s party to face losses in a midterm election. Voters air their frustration with issues, both in and out of the White House’s control, at the ballot box.

But Democrats had enjoyed a boost of momentum over the summer after the Supreme Court overturned federal abortion protections, followed by a surge of enthusiasm among their base when President Joe Biden rolled out his student debt cancellation policy.

Those edges have since dissipated as concerns over the economy rise to the top, a Wednesday poll by CNN suggests.

It shows that 51 percent of likely voters would pick a Republican on a generic Congressional ballot, while 47 percent chose Democrats.

The poll was taken between October 26 and 31. An earlier iteration had the parties’ margins nearly flipped.

That’s largely still got to do with persistent dissatisfaction with the economy.

According to CNN’s poll, 75 percent of likely voters believe the country is currently in a recession.

Just over half of likely and registered voters said the economy is the top issue for them at the ballot box this year.